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ScalaHost was started because we didn't find an easy to use auto-scalable web hosting service at cheap price. In the meantime, we came to the conclusion that we can be more useful doing a job we enjoy and help you to save a lot of money and time. So, we are here, offering essential and complex solutions for domains, websites and much more. Yes, you can get your activities done with no tension or obstacles - Enjoy us!

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We are here for partnerships not for projects!

In order to stand out from the crowd, we have completely detached ourselves from the traditional strategies that others use through the web hosting services they offer. We set out to create our own company that is built with you in mind. We are here to make your dream site come true, paying close attention to every detail, and at the same time making sure that our systems remain solid and secure.

We are among the few hosting companies that offer designers and developers an amazing variety of options for their website, blog, portfolio and / or online store. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, and you're looking for a hosting company to call home - or if you need optimization services, email marketing, digital marketing, social media, and more - then we're here for you.

All the web hosting companies say that they are different and that no one is cooler than them. They also say that they want to disrupt the hosting industry. On the other hand, we just want to provide awesome services to a society that is made up of cool people.

We build the services we lack, and the most interesting people who use them always give us the courage to move forward to serve and protect them. We don't aspire to win awards for entrepreneurship or come up with business plans, we're here to make life better and to make web hosting extremely normalized.

Let's be honest, we have a kind of love for web hosting.
We believe and confirm that a web hosting service is an important player for domains, websites and online businesses. Everyone who wants to be online must to know this and deserve to get the best online presence.

ScalaHost was launched because we couldn't find a service that we wanted to use ourselves. We care about many things when it comes to hosting a website. We really like getting involved in helping, unlike other companies that all they have to say: " this is not in our competence". We always got our costumers back, especially when they want to stay anonymous - because we believe in their privacy.

Today we offer not only web hosting and domain names, but a lot of services. Services we couldn't find elsewhere or at least didn't trust others to lead, so we are sure we can make a difference.

This is why other companies is not focused to provide a great support but are focused to say what customers they have and that they no longer know their number. We do not boast, we know that praise is not good but we say that our customers are our partners and friends who can rely on us when they need. We do this in various forms, and there is a reputation and a history that we take seriously both - our clients and ourselves.


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We're always in learning mode. We learn better when we know that we don't know anything. That is why you will never see us being arrogant.