Cheap web hosting crafted for you!

Services that offer a great value for the price from scala host.

Because cheap web hosting is necessary when you want to keep costs low. This can be complicated and costly enough if you don't find the right provider. An inexpensive yet functional web hosting company will service your needs. It means that you need a web hosting that fits your budget even if you start your first or second website. We know that web hosting is an important part of having a successful website. But, it doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, at ScalaHost we offer the best cheap web hosting services with all the premium features available in 2022.

Cheapest Web Hosting per year


Be in trend with a good hosting plan that help you to save every year.

Hosting on Stable Linux Platform

Finding the best cheap web hosting plan with annually billing can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider when choosing a web host, such as storage, bandwidth and features.  We crafted a package with a great value for the $15 per year. We added many premium features that are not found in more expensive hosting plans from other providers.

Dashboard Settings           
  • Options for Crontab
  • Task Manager
  • Editable php.ini
  • Notifications
  • PHP Selector
  • Mod Security -WAF
  • Statistics
File Manager
  • SSD Storage from 3GB to 10GB
  • File System Lock - Security Mod
  • File Manager
  • FTP Accounts
  • Backups
  • Disk Usage
  • Activity Journal
  • Antivirus Scanner
Domains and SSL certificates
  • Host and manage unlimited domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Free Auto SSL installation
  • Personalized SSL -  ex. CloudFlare
  • Cache Memory Clearing
MySql - PhpMyAdmin - PHP
  • phpMyAdmin Access
  • MySQL Database Manager
  • MySQL Task Manager
  • PHP Versions from 5 to 8
Secure Email Accounts
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • E-mail Sender
  • Autoresponder
  • E-mail filters
  • RoundCube Webmail
  • Routing and Importer
Web Server - DNS - Add-ons

To ensure fast loading of websites, on our free hosting we use Nginx + Varnish + Apache PHP-FPM.  We have achieved a performance equal to LiteSpeed ​​without the cache system.
We offer DNS features and you can configure it the way you want. With additional add-ons you can install one-click scripts such as WordPress, Joomla! or OpenCart. Enjoy us!

Cheap hosting for small business


A great option for small businesses and individuals to save on web hosting.

Professional hosting with cPanel

Perhaps you are on a tight budget, or you're starting a new business as an individual and you want to keep costs low. Whatever the reason, there are many advantages to using our cheap web hosting business plan. You don't have to spend a lot of money, and our service is often much more affordable and valuable than any other premium host.

Premium features
  • SSD and NVMe Hosting
  • Unlimited Space and Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Domains and Email Addresses
  • Backup - 2 times per week
  • CloudLinux and LiteSpeed
  • PHP Selector v. 5.x - 8.x
  • Premium Security
  • WordPress Constructor
  • Free 24/7 Support
Working with Files
  • File Manager
  • FTP Accounts
  • FTP Connections
  • Anonymous FTP
  • Backup Wizard
  • Directory Privacy
  • Disk Usage
  • File & Directory Restoration
MySql / PostgreSQL Databases
  • phpMyadmin access
  • MySQL Database Wizard
  • PostgreSQL Database Wizard
  • phpPgAdmin
  • Remote MySQL
Webmasters are interested
  • 10X more traffic with LiteSpeed
  • Handle more concurrent requests
  • Better CPU and RAM Utilization
  • CloudFlare integrated and SSL
  • Free Atracta SEO tools
  • Softaculous 500+ web apps
  • Node.js support
  • JetBackup for backup
  • Guarantee 99,9% uptime for cPanel hosting.
Premium Security
  • Strong Firewall
  • Premium WAF
  • ModSecurity
  • Better Server Hardening
  • Isolated CloudLinux Accounts
  • Secure PHP
Domains, subdomains and DNS
  • Publisher Website
  • Aliases
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Redirects
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • DNS Changer
Support and Refund
  • Premium Support 24/7
  • Free Website Migration
  • Refunds(based on a pro-rate) are always available to the holders of yearly plans. We will not charge you if you don't get any benefits. 

Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting


Scale your site without the need for large upfront investments on hosting.

Managed Cloud Web Hosting

If you're looking for a cheap unlimited web hosting that enables you to scale with the server. Then you've got yourself one of the most comprehensive hosting environments as we included managed security services and an efficient framework. We crafted this special unique unlimited hosting plan with a lot of attention and imagination. You don't have to spend a level of money and effort on extra elements. For a website that generates a few million hits every day, this hosting plan is optimal.

 Auto-scaling Platform
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Space and Traffic
  • Auto-scaling Cloud Platform
  • There is no resource consumption limit
  • Redundant Web Servers
  • Built-in Replication and Failover
  • Premium Global CDN
  • Website Acceleration Kit
  • 1+TBPS Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Firewall for Web Applications
  • Web, MySql, FTP, storage - isolated
  • Secure E-mail Separated Storage
  • Access Windows Server
  • Optimized WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Staging
  • Free Google DNS
Optimized Wordpress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Awesome support with experts 24/7
  • Ultra-Secure WordPress
  • WP-CLI & SSH acces
  • Automatic Malware Scans
  • Timeline Backups
  • Free Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Staging
  • WordPress Tools
  • Free, unlimited migrations
cPanel vs Autoscaling

Websites hosted on a server that has cPanel are controlled by cPanel features and are limited to a single server. When a site become busy, this may affect the performance on another site hosted on the same server, if no limits are set for that account.

This is not the case with this auto-scaling account.

The entire hosting platform is supported by our own scalable technology. No other company has access to such technology.

Your site is not hosted on a single server or possibly on two. Instead, it uses the resources of the entire platform.

Bandwidth, memory, and processing power are instantly increased or decreased, depending on demand. This can be called true auto-scalable cloud hosting.

Free CDN Hosting

If your website is rich in data and has various modules, then it will definitely load slowly. Our website acceleration suite gives you the option to reduce your data volume without affecting its appearance or function.

  • Automatically compressed images
  • Resizing images
  • Code optimizations
  • Lazy loading
  • All with a click of mouse
Unlimited Free Migrations

Zero downtime and no risk of data loss. You can automatically migrate to us from other web hosts, including those using cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin. If you come from a provider that uses different technology, our support team is available to assist you with the greatest pleasure!

  • Migrate in minutes
  • Automatically move websites, databases, and emails
  • Keep all folders, files, scripts, emails, databases, and other data exactly as they are
  • Choose exactly what and when you want to migrate
Free 1-click Software

You can choose from the most popular free apps that will improve your site, whether the site is a store, a blog, a forum, or anything else. Installation in seconds!

  • WordPress
  • Joomla!
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • Drupal
Personalized Dashboard

Our custom web hosting control panel is designed to put you in control. Not being restricted by cPanel, we can offer more features and better performance.

Manage domains, websites, databases, email accounts, and more with powerful, modern user interface.

Quite familiar if you have used other control panels, but invigoratingly easy to use and full of features that you will gladly use

Unique Platform
We've developed a unique multi-server platform that no other web host can compete with. We help you save a lot of money and time with our outstanding platform.
  • CDN Pop-Ups on 6 continents
  • Global CDN Network
  • DDoS Protection
  • Cache de margine SSD
  • Strong network globally
  • Redundant MySQL Servers
  • Redundant Web Servers
  • Redundant FTP Servers
  • E-mail Servers
  • Redundant SSD Storage for Website
  • Redundant SSD Storage for E-mails
  • Backups off your Website
More than Web Hosting

To do one thing but to do it well - away from the herd we do it best! We don't charge our partners just for web hosting. We don't even compete with anyone for 1st place, which is the lowest number in the number system. 

We offer a free hand-crafted menu for 10 days for those who need it.

  • High Quality Content for You - 500 words
  • Product Description for You - 200 words
  • Facebook A/B Test Ads for You
  • Facebook Pages/Groups for You
  • SEO for Landing Page
  • E-mail Marketing 1000 per month
  • Website Monitoring every Minute
  • Professional Platform for URLs
  • SEO Analysis and Traffic for Your Website
  • WordPress, Joomla!, HTML/CSS Themes

The current trend in web hosting industry is to offer lower prices for users. ScalaHost, offers three plans with different monthly price points. A cheap web hosting plan is often much more affordable than a expensive plan with the same features. This can be a great option for people who are just starting out online or who don't have a lot of money to spend. To be eligible for a ScalaHost free trial, please create an account and submit an request.

Our Web Hosting F.A.Q

How to find the best cheap web hosting?

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the cheapest web hosting. One is to make sure that the host has a good reputation. With a number of hosts that offer very low cost, and some of them are even free. These plans usually have limited features and storage space. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each host before making a decision. Another is to check the reviews to see what other customers have had to say about their experience with the host. Finally, be sure to ask questions or a free trial before signing up for a plan.

Why should I get cheap web hosting?

The economy has caused many people to search for cheaper alternatives to open a professional website. Web hosting can be expensive, especially when you need the best services with premium features. As a result, cheap web hosting are becoming popular and are the best option for those on a budget. And fortunately, at ScalaHost we crafted 3 amazing plans for those looking to save money on web hosting. We provide Cheap web hosting as a solution for businesses or personal websites to grow and be profitable.

Cheap price: What is hidden in the tiny box?

When you buy a web hosting plan from us, we provide all you need to host your website. First off all we care about security, speed, support, back-up and confidentiality. Other web hosting companies offer different services with various levels of customization and support. Some companies are more expensive than us and some don't include features provided by us. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine which company will best suit your needs. However, at ScalaHost we promise you to cover all you need to host your website successfully.

Why buying cheap hosting from ScalaHost?

At ScalaHost we know that the best cheap web hosting can be provided only by a great team. We save you the expense of separately hosting your website on a VPS for merely $90 annually with reliable, auto-scalable cloud hosting. SSL certificates, automated firewall protection, and a under international law location to keep your info safe are provided to provide more assurance. We offer an optimum configuration, offering an array of tools for websites with traffic or transaction per minute requirements. This is available on our unlimited web hosting plan right now.

Do you offer cheap unlimited web hosting?

If you are tired of your web hosting company nickel and diming you for every little thing? And you're looking for a web host that won't restrict your bandwidth or charge you extra for storage space? If so, then unlimited web hosting may be the perfect solution for you. With our unlimited hosting plan, you get access to an unlimited amount of traffic and storage space, giving you the freedom to grow your website without having to worry about hitting your cap.

So discouraged with other cheap hosts, why?

If you have already tried a free or untrusted cheap web host and now you’re a little bit discouraged, don't be! Because, finally you have a great host for a little of money. You have a team interested in knowing about how your website working. Which other popular providers don't care about the future’s of your website. They sell only marketing, not quality services. Our team has been around since 2003 and we offer all types of hosting. Leverage the power of the cloud and Scala Host's expertise to deliver the best web hosting solutions at an affordable price.