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We Make Your WordPress WebSite Extremely Secured, Super Fast & at Your Own Budget.

Here at Scala Host We provide premium managed WordPress hosting services that help beginners, professionals and brands to grow and succeed. We offer World-Class Hosting platform for WordPress. Managed and optimised for security, speed, stability. We focus to scale up gradually our services and platform to guarantee high-quality services and performances.

Paid plans include.

Free for Non-Profit

Shelter and food for domains and websites, they can rise and shine in a safe place.

$ 0 / mo

Free Hosting for Educational Institutions, Students & Non-Profit Organizations.

One isolated account
Host Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Disk Space & Traffic
DirectAdmin Control Panel
Free SSL and SubDomains
Back-up with JetBackup
LiteSpeed Web Server
Easy WordPress Installation
cPGuard WAF / CSF / CXS
ModSecurity / Malware Scanner

Reseller Hosting

Forget about one Limited Hosting account, we allow you to make a profit today!

$ 2.99 15.99 / mo

Create and Sell Unlimited Master & Reseller Hosting Accounts on AMD Epyc Servers.

Unlimited Accounts & Websites
Unlimited Disk Space & Traffic
DirectAdmin Control Panel
Sell Hosting at Your Own Price
Free Billing System & Themes
White-label 100% Your Brand
Friendly Support for End Users
LiteSpeed / LSCache / Redis
Premium WordPress Hardening
cPGuard, Imunify, ModSecurity

WordPress Business

Autoscaling cloud hosting platform for heavy traffic WordPress websites.

$ 4.99 9.99 / mo

Highly-secured & Lightning-fast Managed WordPress hosting with Unlimited Resources.

Autoscaling Cloud Servers
Unlimited Resources
Global CDN 20 Locations
Free Google DNS
Custom Control panel
Automatic Malware Scanner
Load Balanced & Redundancy
Isolated MYSQL, Emails, Storage
One-click WordPress Staging
Edge Caching for Speed

We Open You an Online Store for free.

We build your online store. You can easily manage inventory and get real-time statistics.


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Web hosting plans to fit all needs

ScalaHost is your source for premium managed cloud-based web hosting, providing unmatched quality, security, speed and efficiency at a low cost. We offer optimized WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, Windows hosting, Email marketing platform, Premium WordPress themes and a lot of services. Our services include everything you need, technical support for end users too. That means your organization can minimize costly expenses.

Hosting accounts
Monthly visits
Disk storage
Free CDN
Free SSL /Subdomain
Backup retention
30 days
180 days
180 days
SSH access

Free Premium WordPress Themes and Builder

We know that your WordPress theme design is an important part of having a successful website. But, it doesn't have to be expensive to get a new theme when you need. In fact, at ScalaHost we offer the best WP themes and website builder with all the premium features available in 2023.

The most friendly & generous team around you - ever. Ever! You'll see!

So, we are here, offering essential and complex solutions for WordPress hosting, domains, websites, reseller hosting and much more. Yes, you can get your activities done with no tension or obstacles - Enjoy us!

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This can be a great option for people who are just starting out online or who don't have a lot of money to spend. To be eligible for a ScalaHost free domain, please create an account and submit an request.

Every Feature Your Site Could Ask For

The best place to start and grow a successful website.
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Ultra-Secure WordPress Hosting

Our Managed WordPress Hosting by default comes with account isolation, malware scanning and code alerts, DDoS protection, Premium WAF, brute force login protection, FTP security lock.

WordPress dev tools

If you’re an advanced user, you’ll get tools like WP-CLI, SSH access, SFTP/FTP, PHP version control, phpMyAdmin, PHP configuration and scheduled scripts.

Built for maximum speed

We provide the fastest WordPress Hosting around. 100% NVMe storage, HTTP/2/3, CDN, Google-based DNS, LiteSpeed, LSCache, Redis, Memcached, CloudFlare Railgun integration.

Unlimited Cloud Object Storage

Every website get unlimited bucket S3 compatible object storage. All your WordPress images, backups, and other data can be uploaded automatically.

Unlimited Traffic, Storage & Inodes

With our Hosting, there’s no limit to the amount of resources your WordPress site. That means when your site goes viral, you don’t have to stress about storage, traffic or CPU/RAM/IO.

WordPress Website Configuration

We're passionate about WordPress & we promise to make your WP site secure, fast, stable and available at anytime, on every device from any location.

ScalaHost F.A.Q

Here at ScalaHost we're very honest with you. Get your question answered.

People are always wondering where and how to find the best Managed WordPress hosting. The truth is that a hosting server cannot understand the human being, so it’s all about the people behind the company who managing the server. At ScalaHost we’re dedicated to our clients – by securing all WordPress sites, making them fast and stable.

The economy has caused many people to search for cheaper alternatives to open a professional WordPress site. Managed WordPress hosting can be expensive, especially when you need the best services with premium features. As a result, low cost WordPress hosting are becoming popular and are the best option for those on a small budget. We provide cheap premium managed WordPress hosting as a solution for business or personal websites to grow and be profitable.

As we said before, we’re here like a solution. And if you’re looking for a web host that won’t restrict your bandwidth or charge you extra for storage space, CPU/RAM/IO, inodes limit. If so, then our plans may be the perfect solution for you.

We use servers like AMD Epyc, AMD Ryzen, Intel Xeon with multiple CPU cores per server and hundreds GB of RAM on multiple raid NVMe storage with SSD’s cache.

We provide free S3 Object Storage for free based on Ceph storage, with infinity scalability, high performance and speed.

We can set up your WordPress site to upload automatically all the files from wp-content/uploads to the S3.

You can store objects of all sizes, including large files up to 5TB each. You can have as many files you need. Upload and keep them replicated on 3 servers. So if your WP site is about a huge amount of images, files, backups, videos, documents – we have the solution.

Yes, we provide Email Marketing platform, Premium WordPress, WooCommerce Themes. We can help you with creating social network ads, boosting your SEO, creating landing page A/B tests, generating traffic, creating high-quality content and everything you need to promote your website. We also help the creators of handmade products that sell on Etsy to sell more thanks to ours professional resources.

At ScalaHost we know that the best managed WordPress hosting can be provided only by a great team. We save you the expense of separately hosting your website on a VPS or Dedicated. This is about $$ to $$$ per month plus hundreds of hours to learn and manage of your valuable time.

We provide you with reliable, scalable cloud hosting. SSL certificates, automated premium firewall protection, and a under international law location to keep your info safe are provided to provide more assurance.

We offer an optimum configuration, offering an array of tools for websites with traffic or transaction per minute requirements. This is available on our unlimited web hosting plan right now.

We do not compete with anyone in any way. We don’t wait for awards, and we don’t ask for reviews on the internet. Furthermore, we are dedicated to our work and we love what we do. We believe in word of mouth recommendations and what we can experience ourselves.

If you have already tried a popular provider, a free or untrusted web host, and now you’re a little bit discouraged, don’t be! Because, finally, you have a great team providing a powerful host for a little of money.

You have a team interested in knowing about how your website working. Which other providers don’t care about the future’s of your website. They don’t provide solutions, but sell features that you never use them, they make a big marketing, and you pay for that marketing in a way.

Our team has been around since 2003 and we offer all types of hosting. Leverage the power of the cloud and Scala Host’s expertise to deliver the best web hosting solutions at lowest prices.