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  • System administrator expand_less

    RoleWe are looking for a System Administrator to maintain, upgrade and manage our software, hardware and networks. Resourcefulness is a necessary skill in this role. Our systems administrator should be able to diagnose and solve problems quickly and have the ability to communicate with a team. His/Her goal will be to ensure that our technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.

    Responsibilities- Installing and configuring new servers and hardware
    - Managing network servers and technology tools
    - Monitoring performances and maintain systems according to requirements
    - Ensuring security through access controls, backup and firewalls
    - Upgrading systems with new releases and models
    - Operating on hardware malfunctioning
    - Providing support to all our customers

    Requirements- Proven work experience as system administrator
    - Familiarity with hardware, especially server
    - Familiarity with various operating systems and platforms
    - Thorough knowledge of Linux operating systems (especially CentOS/RHEL distributions)
    - Management of the most popular services (such as Web server with dedicated languages, DNS, database, mail services)
    - Networks TCP/IP management and troubleshooting
    - Estensive command line expertise
    - Ability to communicate and work in a team

    Preferential requirements- Experience in PHP programming or developing software
    - WHM and cPanel expertise
    - Hypervisor management experiences or virtualization environment knowledge
    - Windows server management
    - Degree or Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences or relevant filed
    - Good knowledge of the English language

  • Developer expand_more

    Role We are looking for a skilled web programmer to join our team. He/She will be responsible for designing, coding and improving our company web pages, programs and applications and write clean code to ensure our programs run properly and address our company needs. If you’re passionate about building software and perform working in a team, along with developers, engineers and web designers, we would like to meet you. Ultimately, you should be able to convert our company needs in functional and user-friendly websites and programs.

    Responsibilities- Producing fully functional programs writing clean, testable code
    - Collaborating with the internal team to identify system requirements
    - Integrate back-end data
    - Designing user interface and web layout using HTML/CSS practices
    - Upgrading and repairing existing programs
    - Performing periodical tests and debugging to maximize program efficiency
    - Suggesting new features to improve program navigation and operation

    Requirements- Proven work experience as Web programmer or developer
    - Hands on experience with PHP5 language, HTML/XHTML and jQuery framework
    - Proven experience with CSS3 and all related tools (SASS, LESS, etc)
    - Thorough knowledge of relational DB and SQL language (especially MySQL)
    - Experience of web service development and use
    - Experience in code analysis and debugging
    - Knowledge of the most popular design pattern (especially MVC)
    - Experience with versioning systems (Git, Subversion,etc.)
    - Ability to communicate and work in team

    Preferential requirements- Knowledge of other JS frameworks
    - Experience with LAMP environment
    - Attention to detail
    - Degree or Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences or relevant field
    - Good knowledge of the English language

  • Graphic designer expand_more

    Role We are looking for a creative Graphic designer with up-to-date knowledge to interpret our clients needs and to design solutions with high visual impact. He/She will work on a variety of products and cooperate with our designers and sales team. The goal is to get the clients’ message across.

    Responsibilities- Taking the design “brief” to record requirements and clients needs
    - Working with a wide range of media and use graphic design software
    - Thinking creatively and developing new design concepts, graphics and layouts
    - Preparing rough drafts and presenting ideas
    - Working as part of a team with designers, executives etc.

    Requirements- Proven graphic designing experience
    - Possession of creative flair, versatility, conceptual/visual ability and originality
    - Ability to interact, communicate and present ideas
    - Up to date with industry leading software and technologies (such as Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc)
    - Experience in designing graphic layouts for responsive websites and native apps, especially caring about the user’s interface
    - Experience in designing graphic layouts for newsletter and promotions
    - Knowledge about the compatibility and visualization on the main operating systems and browsers

    Preferential requirements- Good knowledge of the English language

  • SEO expand_more

    RoleWe are looking for a SEO Analyst to join our Marketing team and help us to build a strong online presence. The analyst will optimize and increase the positioning on SERP, create and manage Pay-per-click campaigns on Google and Facebook, conduct keyword and contents research, identify gaps in our content or areas of improvement and supervise the engagement on web. Skills in analysis, familiarity with SEO tools and techniques, ability in applying strategies to engage the audience online are required. The SEO mission is turning users into customers.

    Responsibilities- Conducting keyword research using various tools (like Keyword Planner and Moz)
    - Performing competitive analysis and identify gaps in our content or areas of improvement in our web design
    - Tracking important SEO metrics including organic traffic, conversion rates and time spent on page
    - Updating older content and add effective calls to action (CTAs) to improve user engagement
    - Optimizing pages for mobile
    - Managing communication strategies and advertising on Social Media
    - Developing Google Adwords campaigns
    - Promoting web marketing and mail marketing activities

    Requirements- Work experience as a SEO Analyst or similar digital marketing role
    - Familiarity with keyword research and management tools
    - Experience with email campaigns and paid advertising
    - Strong analytical skills
    - Strong skills in writing SEO oriented contents and in SEO onsite techniques
    - Advanced knowledge ofGoogle Webmaster Tools, Google analytics and Google Adwords
    - Knowledge of html and css
    - Strong skills in planning

    Preferential requirements- Bachelor degree or degree in Marketing
    - Good knowledge of the English language