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Divi WordPress Theme Review

Divi WordPress Theme Review
Mar 6, 2023

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes available today. It has been used by many web professionals and bloggers to create impressive websites. This article will provide an in-depth review of the Divi theme and its features. We will explore how easy it is to use, what makes it stand out from other WordPress themes, and its pros and cons. Additionally, we’ll consider user reviews to help you decide if Divi is the right choice for your website.

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is a powerful, multipurpose WordPress theme designed to help users create stunning websites with ease. It’s built with a visual drag-and-drop page builder that makes customizing your website quick and easy. The theme also offers an array of pre-built layouts and modules, giving users the ability to quickly build out their pages while maintaining control over the design elements. Additionally, Divi has hundreds of customization options such as font selection, color palettes, and more. This allows users to customize their site without having any coding knowledge or experience. Lastly, Divi includes SEO optimization features that help boost search engine rankings for your website. All in all, Divi is a great option for anyone looking for an easy way to create beautiful WordPress sites without needing any technical expertise.

Pros: Flexibility, Design Options

Flexibility is one of the most valuable features of the Divi WordPress theme. Its modular drag-and-drop page builder allows website owners to quickly and easily customize their site’s design, layout, content, and structure without having to code any HTML or CSS. The theme also supports a wide range of custom widgets, allowing users to add additional functionality such as social media sharing buttons or live chat support conveniently. Additionally, Divi provides users with an extensive library of pre-made layouts that can be used as starting points for building their own pages. This feature saves time and effort while still allowing users to customize their design from scratch if they choose.

The Divi WordPress theme also offers plenty of design options for users who want more control over their website’s look. From changing fonts and colors to altering header images and backgrounds, there are plenty of customization options at your disposal when using this theme. Plus, its interface is easy enough for anyone to pick up on quickly so you won’t have difficulty figuring out how everything works. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist style or something more extravagant, the flexibility offered by Divi makes it possible for everyone to create a unique website that stands out from the rest.

Cons: Limited Support, Learning Curve

Limited support is a major con of the Divi WordPress theme. If you are looking for detailed step-by-step instructions and help from experts, then this theme may not be the best choice. The official Divi website provides some basic documentation but if you need more than that you will have to look elsewhere. Additionally, it has a steep learning curve since there are so many features and customization options that even experienced WordPress users may find themselves overwhelmed at first. It takes time to become familiar with the page builder and all its features, which could be discouraging for those who don’t have enough time or patience to learn it thoroughly. Furthermore, there’s no way to undo mistakes in the page builder as changes can only be saved after they’ve been published. This means that users must be extra careful when editing their pages or risk losing all their work if something goes wrong.

Pricing & Packages

Divi has three different pricing packages: the Personal, Developer and Lifetime package. The Personal package costs $89/year and includes access to Divi, extra themes and plugins, unlimited website usage, premium support and automatic updates. The Developer package costs $249/year or a one-time fee of $499. It includes everything in the Personal package plus the ability to use Divi on an unlimited number of websites for yourself or your clients (unless using it for commercial purposes). Finally, the Lifetime package costs either a one-time fee of $249 or a five-payment plan of $199/year. This option gives you lifetime access to Divi as well as all future theme updates and new products released by Elegant Themes.

When it comes to building WordPress sites with Divi, users have two additional options: self-hosted sites or sites through Elegant Themes’ own hosting service called ET Web Hosting Plus. Self-hosted sites require users to purchase their own domain name and hosting plan separate from Elegant Themes while allows them to get their site up and running faster since they don’t need to buy any services outside of what’s offered by Elegant Themes. Prices vary depending on which hosting option you choose but range from free (WordPress) up to around $100+ per month (self-hosting).

Customization & Usability

Usability is an important feature of any WordPress theme, and Divi stands out in this regard. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and flexible customization options, users can easily create a website that looks exactly the way they want it to. The theme also includes pre-made layouts to help get you started quickly. When making any adjustments or changes, the live preview feature allows you to see what your changes will look like before publishing them. This makes customizing your site easy and efficient. Additionally, Divi comes with a library of widgets that can be used to add elements such as images, menus, sliders and more – giving you even more control over how your website looks and functions.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are key indicators of the quality of a product. Reviews by customers provide insight that can help other potential buyers make an informed decision and also serves as feedback to the creators.

When it comes to the Divi WordPress theme, there is no shortage of customer reviews and ratings. Most reviews are either highly positive or mixed, with many people saying that they were looking for a theme builder like Divi for years before finally finding it. Many users find Divi’s drag-and-drop page building feature extremely useful, along with its vast collection of pre-made layouts and templates. Another great feature is Divi’s intuitive design which allows even novice users to have complete control over their layout without having to dive into HTML or CSS code.

Overall, most customer reviews rate the Divi WordPress theme quite highly with many praising its ease of use, versatile features, flexible customizability options, impressive library of layouts/templates and responsive support team – making it one of the top contenders in the WordPress themes market today.


The Divi WordPress theme is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for web designers. It’s easy to use, has a wide selection of customization options and is backed by one of the most experienced teams in the industry. The vast library of components, modules and templates makes it possible to create stunning websites quickly and easily. The support team offers expert assistance when needed, ensuring that users get the most out of their experience with Divi. Overall, Divi is a great choice for any WordPress user looking for an intuitive design system with plenty of features to work with.

In conclusion, the Divi WordPress theme has a lot going for it. Its comprehensive list of features make it easy to customize your website exactly how you want it without having to worry about coding or dealing with complex software solutions. The wide range of components, modules and templates provide enough flexibility to give even the most creative web designer plenty of options when designing their dream website. With its high-quality customer service and reliable updates, this theme is sure to be a staple in many successful businesses’ portfolios for years to come.

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