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Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Cloud-Based

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a great way to get your website online. Used by millions of people around the world, including many large organizations, such as The Guardian, Forbes, and The New York Times. WordPress is a very powerful platform and can be used for a wide variety of websites. However, managing a WordPress website can be difficult for those who are not tech or familiar how a web hosting platform works.

A WordPress site can be hosted on many different types of hosts. The two most popular are shared hosting – the cheapest option but not very recommended. And self-hosting on an unmanaged VPS or dedicated server, which cost a lot of money and requires technical skills.

But today the best cheap option is a managed WordPress hosting cloud-based. And of course you can get a plan from us adapted to your budget. Our platform combines VPS and dedicated hosting in one single account at the same low cost like a shared plan.

That’s why, if you are looking for the best managed WordPress hosting from a company that does not break your bank account, look no further than Scala Host. We offer cheap prices, helpful customer service, easy WordPress management tools, and many other features to suit all of your website needs.

Why a great Web hosting is a key component?

In today’s competitive digital economy, businesses are continuously looking for ways to optimize their online presence by offering great content and a great user experience. Web hosting is a key component of any business’ website and can make a huge difference in a company’s success.

Today, managed WordPress hosting at a low cost can be a dream for many webmasters and businesses across the world. With a number of top hosting companies that offers quite high prices for their packages, it has become harder to migrate your WordPress website.

Thankfully,  here at ScalaHost, we’re going to solve this problem. We offer one of the best WordPress hosting on managed cloud-based platform at the best prices on the market. We provide affordable web hosting services that will meet your needs at whatever level they may be. We think almost for everything – from free domain registration to the latest security software to keep your site fast, safe and secure.

Why Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress is a type of web hosting that provides all the advantages of self-hosting, combined with the benefit of 24/7 customer support. This ensures that any delays or technical problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently without you having to spend hours on the phone with tech support.

We offer premium hosting cloud-based with premium features like WordPress staging, top security, one-click WordPress installation, malware block & removal, 5 hours backup, free CDN and other solutions.

A lot of people use WordPress as a blogging platform, but it can also be used for other things like managing a portfolio, or building an e-commerce website using WooCommerce. The demand for WordPress hosting is increasing as more people seek to go online with their projects.

Managed WordPress hosting has now become available to those who want the most robust and reliable hosting for their favorite CMS. That’s why we are focused to provide fastest, secured and cheap WordPress hosting that can help to grow and to scale up your business online.

Businesses that invest in Managed WordPress Hosting will find that it’s a perfect way to take their business to the next level. No matter how big or small your business is, if you’re trying to grow and expand your client base, then Managed WordPress hosting is a must. We’ve crafted our hosting with all the details in mind, our platform is able to host any type of WordPress site.

Hosting features with inovative solutions

We provide a great collection of premium features that you’ll love. Also we’re looking to solve our customers problems, we always ask what they think about our new features before we integrate them. So, a feature is a part of a product, but a solution is something the customer needs.

Enterprise level WordPress security built-in

Online risks are ever-present when it comes to WordPress, but with us you have nothing to worry about. The security of our WordPress hosting keeps you safe from any attack. We constantly provide tools to help you save time, money, and your reputation. Our Web Application Firewall blocks hackers from putting code into your site, and stops brute-force login attempts.

You also get a free SSL certificate, and 1Tbps of DDoS protection. We provide the most comprehensive security package available, other web hosts do not cover you against every security threat out there. We do not charge for this service because we believe that it’s a must-have.

Auto-scaling Hosting Cloud-Based

Our whole platform is your playground – all resources are available, not only a few servers. Our cloud technology automatically scales up and optimizes computing resources as your website needs them. This is what makes our services true cloud hosting. If there is a spike in traffic, your website will supply the same smooth experience for every user.

Built to be the fastest hosting for WordPress

Fast WordPress Hosting by ScalaHost is among the fastest hosting service available. NVMe and SSD for cache, HTTP/2 service provider, free CDN, optimized PHP, no LVE limits, Google-based DNS and Nginx. Choosing a caching solution is now easier. You can choose between Varnish, Redis, Memcached, or OPcache.

One click WordPress staging built-in

With one click stagind you can make an exact duplicate of your WordPress site. So, you can maximize the performance of your website’s copy by making adjustments or experiment with other features. Our professional Control Panel makes it easy to manage all your website themes, plugins, and users in one place.

Free WordPress migration between hosts

With our script, you can migrate from your old host quick and easy. You can move unlimited websites with no risk of data loss, or choose exactly what you want to migrate. All migrations are automatically made in minutes, not hours or days. Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with this process, our Support Team stands ready to do the entire job for you at no additional fee.

Core Integrity Checksum for WordPress

Concerned that you might have been infected with malware? Or has your malware repair worked? You can check whether your core files match up with what’s on the official WordPress core repository. When there is something suspicious about the code, our WordPress tools will notifie you. It’s another layer of protection on top of our malware scans and hosting service security features.

Free premium Backup for all your data

With us, your WordPress website will have backups on a daily basis, at no cost! More than that, we maintain 5 backups – 2 of your weekly copies and 3 daily copies. There is no one else who understands you better than we do. It is essential to start making regular backups of your website’s data, but it is surprising how many website owners neglect to do this relatively simple job. It is not the most exciting activity in the world, but it is necessary to do just so your site is safe.

Guaranteed cheap and honest prices

The WordPress hosting market is saturated with a lot of companies and services, this is why we are here to offer something different. First of all, we’re focused to offer cheap prices on our managed WordPress hosting services. You can choose from different plans with premium features that will help your website to succeed.

Today honest prices are a rarity in the web hosting industry. In recent years, prices for managed WordPress hosting have been increased, and we think that this is not a coincidence. It reflects a fundamental change in the internet hosting industry that has led to the dominance of monopolies, which use their power to keep prices high and inhibit competition in order to maximize their profits.

WordPress itself is free, with this in mind we do not put extra cost on our WordPress hosting packages. We also offer anytime money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason within the first year of your purchase.

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