cPanel Overview

Meet Your cheap cPanel web hosting account

Host Unlimited
Install free
SSL Certificate
Create business
email accounts
One click WordPress and CMS installation
File manager
and daily backup
cPanel is translated in multiple languages
Antivirus and Antispam
WAF - Imunify 360
cPanel is responsive - access it from mobile
Cheap cPanel Hosting Best way to move your business online
was $ 39.00
now only$29.00/year
  • Unlimited SSD web hosting space
  • Dedicated Public IP
  • Unlimited Email dispatch and accounts
  • Multi language control panel
  • Full autonomy of configuration
  • Best WAF and Antispam
  • Install WordPress One click
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About cPanel
cPanel is a leading web hosting control panel and still remain number one in the hosting industry. The software has a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting websites. So, with cPanel it’s easy to get started if you need to host, create, install and manage your websites, databases, emails very easily. You do not need to be an expert because we provide you with the tools needed to create and automate all management tasks.
drafts A cPanel account allows you to:
  • Use a dedicated IP and SSL
  • Send and receive unlimited e-mails
  • Create websites using Sitepad
  • Manage your files in full autonomy
  • Choose from multi PHP versions
  • Metric all traffic with AWSTATS
  • Supervise incoming WAF attack
  • Forward e-mails between accounts or outside
securitySecured cPanel, domains & websites
  • Best Antivirus and Antispam
  • We use CSF - Imunify360 - ModSecurity
  • Backup every cPanel with JetBackup
  • Servers monitored every 1 minute
  • Whitelist or Blacklist IP's on cPanel
  • Scaning and quarantine infected files
  • Install free SSL certficates
  • SpamAssassin and SpamTrap
tune cPanel Premium Features
  • Designed for host CMS applications
  • Premium website builder SitePad
  • Multi PHP Manager by CloudLinux
  • LiteSpeed / NGINX best webservers
  • Premium WordPress themes support
  • WHM access & end user support for resellers
  • Integrated OPcache, REDIS, MEMCACHED
  • Full cPanel account import & many more!
Advanced cPanel options
A default cPanel account allow advanced tools like cron jobs, track dns or capture the domain's incoming mail with a click of mouse.
Automation cPanel backup
The automatically daily external backups allow you to restore anytime an old version of your files or databases, if you deleted it by mistake.
cPanel migration tool
If you want to move from another hosting provider we can import the entire cPanel account, emails, files, DB & DNS. Yes, free of charge!
Trace an e-mail in cPanel
If you have your own business and sell online this option allows you to know how the Email server processes an outgoing or incoming message.
cPanel user preferences
Every cPanel use a default preset, you can customize it as you wish. Use your own theme, password, contact info, to make it truly yours.
Softaculous in cPanel
The softaculous installer allows you to choose from 500 free scripts and install with one click, this will save you a lot of time.
send Create and host your website without leaving cPanel
By using our premium website builder SitePad, you can create your website with a click of mouse without leaving cPanel interface. Choose from premium themes and templates, add your own text and images, publish it and you're done! Another way to get online fast is to install from Softaculous free or premium scripts wich can help you to launch your business in no time!

You can obviously use your favorite CMS - install for free WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento and many more.
Professional web hosting service
Host your business, sell now and grow up with us!
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Best cPanel Hosting for You! Get started with our cheapest hosting plan
was $ 39.00
now only$29.00/year
  • Unlimited SSD disk space and traffic
  • Dedicated Public IP
  • Unlimited Email dispatch and accounts
  • Multi language control panel
  • Full autonomy of configuration
  • Email firewall and Antispam
  • Change Mail eXchanger (MX)
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