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A2 Hosting Review by ScalaHost

A2 Hosting Review by ScalaHost
Mar 7, 2023

A2 Hosting is a web hosting company that provides reliable and secure services to businesses of all sizes. With over 20 years of experience, A2 Hosting has established itself as one of the most reliable hosting solutions on the market. In this review, we will analyze their services and features, such as their customer support, performance, scalability, security, and more. Additionally, we will explore how A2 Hosting compares to other popular web hosting companies.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting stands out for its performance, offering some of the fastest web hosting speeds available. Its Turbo servers can provide up to 20x faster loading times than a standard host. That makes it an ideal choice for websites that need fast loading speeds and ample bandwidth to handle large amounts of data or traffic. Additionally, A2 Hosting also offers numerous other features and tools designed to make your website run smoother and more efficiently. It comes with a wide selection of pre-installed applications, including WordPress, Joomla and Magento, allowing you to quickly get your website up and running in no time. The control panel is intuitively designed with drag-and-drop functionality making it easy to manage files, domains and other settings related to your site. Plus, A2 Hosting also provides 24/7 customer support with knowledgeable technicians always ready to help you resolve any issues you may encounter. All in all, A2 Hosting is an excellent provider for those looking for reliable web hosting services with impressive performance capabilities at a reasonable price point.


The features that A2 Hosting provides include everything a customer needs to build and manage a website. Their servers are optimized for speed, providing fast page loading times and short response times. Additionally, they offer free migration services with each hosting plan, allowing customers to transfer their existing websites over with ease. They also provide unlimited storage space and bandwidth, meaning customers can store as much content as they need without worrying about running out of space or exceeding their hosting limits. On top of this, they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee so customers can rest assured knowing their sites will always be available to visitors. Finally, A2 Hosting offers 24/7 support through phone, email, or live chat—a feature that is essential for any web host provider.

Pricing and Plans

A2 Hosting offers many pricing plans for customers to choose from. All of their plans guarantee 99.9% uptime, a free SSL certificate, and 24/7 customer support. Their Shared Hosting plans start at only $2.96 per month, while their VPS packages range from $5 to $15 per month. For those who are looking for more power, A2 also offers Dedicated Servers starting at $99 per month and Reseller Hosting plans starting at just $13.19 per month. All of these prices include unlimited storage space and bandwidth so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your limits or incurring extra fees with A2 hosting. Additionally, all of the shared hosting plans come with cPanel access which makes it easy to manage your web hosting needs without having any technical knowledge or skills required. If you’re looking for a reliable yet affordable web host that provides excellent customer service and features, then A2 Hosting is definitely worth considering as an option for your website needs.


Uptime performance is a critical factor to consider when choosing a web hosting provider. A2 Hosting offers an industry-leading 99.9% uptime guarantee and provides customers with around-the-clock monitoring of their site’s uptime, so they can rest assured knowing their sites are up and running smoothly. In addition, the company has servers located in multiple data centers across the U.S., Europe, and Asia, providing superior redundancy in the event of an outage or service disruption. This ensures that your website will remain accessible no matter where your visitors come from or how they access it. Furthermore, A2 Hosting provides free page speed optimization tools to ensure that sites load quickly and efficiently for visitors regardless of their device or connection type. With these features, users can be confident their site will stay available at all times with minimal downtime due to server outages or other issues.

Security and Support

Security is a priority for A2 Hosting, providing customers with a secure environment for hosting their websites. All plans come with the latest version of an SSL certificate and DDoS protection. The company also provides a dedicated security team to ensure that customer sites and data are secure. Additionally, all servers are kept up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches, so customers don’t have to worry about their website being hacked or compromised.

A2 Hosting also offers 24/7 customer support. Customers can contact the team via live chat, email, phone, or ticketing system – whatever works best for them. The dedicated support team is knowledgeable and friendly, always willing to help out with any questions or issues that customers might have regarding their hosting plan. Plus, the company offers several different levels of customer service depending on the type of plan a customer has chosen – from basic plans to advanced enterprise solutions – so everyone can get just what they need when it comes to support.


Pros: A2 Hosting offers a wide range of hosting plans, from shared to VPS to reseller and dedicated server plans. The company also offers unlimited storage and bandwidth with all plans, as well as free website transfers, SSL certificates, and more. Additionally, their customer service is top-notch—they offer 24/7 support via phone, email or live chat. Additionally, they provide a “Guru Crew” team that can help you migrate your existing website to the A2 Hosting platform.

Cons: One potential drawback of using A2 Hosting is its higher cost compared to some other hosting companies. Additionally, the company does not offer Windows-based servers for those who need it—only Linux servers are available. Finally, while their customer service is excellent in terms of response time and quality of answers provided, there have been reports of them being slow to resolve certain issues or make changes requested by customers.


Overall, A2 Hosting is an excellent web hosting service that has a lot to offer for any user. Their customer support and reliability are top-notch and make them one of the best in the market. They are also very affordable and have great features like unlimited storage, free domain names, and easy setup which makes them perfect for those who need a reliable hosting solution. Additionally, their various plans give users the flexibility they need when looking for a web hosting service. For these reasons, we highly recommend A2 Hosting as a great option for anyone looking to host their website or blog.

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